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McQuinn’s 7th District meeting

Delores McQuinn’s meeting for the 7th District’s Strategic Plan For 2007-2008 was yesterday morning at Holy Rosary Catholic Church

The meeting began right on time at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, with a crowd of just over 100 people in attendance. Present and introduced were new school board member Keith West,and Captain Keohane & Lt. Jack King from the 1st Precinct.

Ms.McQuinn addressed each of the (now familiar) points of Public Safety & Health, Economic Development, Housing, Education, and Youth Programs in an hour-minute long presentation. Each point was spoken to with examples of programs or initiatives that are in effect already and mentions of what can still be done. She referenced multiple times plans that are already in place, and more than once stressed the need to “work together to maximize our resources”.

(There was also a brief but direct mention of the role of the city council in the local government, which I was not able to get down. That quote is in the slideshow, of which I’ve for a copy. I’ll post this in the comments when received.)

Capt.John Keohane of the 1st Precinct spoke briefly on the general status of Sector 111 and Sector 113. Notably, he said that Sector 113 led the city in crime reduction over the past year with a 36% drop. Second for the city with a 33% decrease is Sector 111. He said that major drug operations have been catching violent offenders and getting them out of circulation. He said that the department would be glad to speak to specific conditions in an area, to please invite them to your neighborhood meetings, “from Fulton Hill to Union Hill” (Capt.John Keohane 804-646-3602)

The topic of economic development started off the presentation and got the most time. McQuinn pointed to the progress along the 25th Street corridor and on Williamsburg Road as “changes have come from the plan that is already in place”. She also mentioned that money has been put into the budget for the roundabout at 25th and M Streets. She described the current situation as “things are happening, but we need them to happen at a much quicker pace”. Speaking of The Market, she said “I was instrumental in bringing that here”. She also spoke of her fight to keep (the award-winning) Neighborhoods in Bloom in the neighborhood.

McQuinn spoke of the progress in seeking to increase home ownership opportunities in the area. She touched on welcoming new neighbors and also making sure that long-time residents are not forced out because of real estate taxes. In a funny and/or awkward moment, she pointed out Keith West as probably making a lot of money, in contrast to the elderly Ms.Ellen who is one of Ms.McQuinn’s neighbors.
Taking on the topic of public housing, she didn’t provide any specifics but said that there is a need to reduce density of public housing. Her main point here was this is a process that needs to happen inclusively, as a community — “Everybody must come to the table and ask ‘How do we do this thing?’.”

Another meeting is planned for late January or early February.

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john m
john m
13 years ago

as promised:

Councilwoman Delores L. McQuinn’s Strategic Plan and Vision for the East District 2007 – 2008 (1.4MB pdf)

13 years ago

Thanks for providing notes, John. Did McQuinn discuss the proposed new school at Fulton Hill, or the closings of Bellevue and Chimborazo? Thanks.

john m
john m
13 years ago

I don’t think that she did. I had to leave before she was finished, though.

13 years ago

“She touched on welcoming new neighbors and also making sure that long-time residents are forced out because of real estate taxes.” John, don’t you mean NOT forced out because of real estate taxes?

Please don’t take that as a criticism – I admire you for this web site and I don’t know how you find time to do all you do, including taking notes at meetings! (And if she actually said it like that – well, I hope she didn’t…)

john m
john m
13 years ago

Thanks for catching that, at least I know that someone is reading this 🙂

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