A minor editorial decision

12/05/2006 9:19 PM by

Comments on a particular thread have been unpublished.

The post in question is about a neighborhood boy that accidentally killed himself playing with a gun. His friends have on&off found the post via google, and have posted their remembrences and shout-outs.

I’m glad that the kids that have found Jeremy’s page have some kind of outlet. When they google their friend’s name or “church hill” and find the site, this is another connection between some of the different worlds going on around here.

Some folks, all of whom I think are in the neighborhood voluntarily (so to speak…), have posted what seem to me to cynical and snarky comments about the kids’ grammer and choice of expression. This bugged the shit out of me, so I unpublished their comments. I’m not trying to make this site all that PC, but felt like I had to make this correction.

What do you think?



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