INTERVIEW: Reggie Malone

10/21/2006 7:18 AM by

We interview 7th District challenger Reggie Malone via email…

1) Your campaign is for ‘change’. Other than the name on the seat, what kind of change would you bring for the 7th District?

The kind of changes that I’d bring to the 7th district are multiple. The 7th district needs a representative that will respond to phone calls and e-mails within twenty-four hours. I’ll respond within twelve hours. The district needs a representative who will work with the Mayor while maintaining the independence to vote the will of the 7th district. My role as your councilperson will be to facilitate the needs of the district while keeping in mind that everything that impacts the eastend of Richmond will also impact the rest of the city. I will bring a whole new approach to public safety/health that the district has never had before. My new job will be a full-time one-standing guard for the 7th district. Lastly, I’ll start a program concerning blighted houses that will have other representatives boiling with envy.


2) What do you see as the important issues of this campaign?

The important issues of this campaign are that citizens want a representative who can be accessible, accountable, responsive, and willing to facilitate the needs of the public.


3) What are some of your most notable accomplishments as a representative of the 7th district?

Some of my most notable accomplishments as the representative of the 7th district are: The merging of two high schools, two middle schools, and the development of a stand alone military academy. Secondly, Writing over 75% of the local school law between 1998 and 2006. Thirdly, as a result of the eastend merger, $4,000,000 dollars was transferred back into the classrooms of our schools and students now have course options that didn’t exist before 2004.


4) If you could do something *right now* for the East End, what would that be?

The thing that I would like to do for the East End right this moment would be to provide a haven for every child and adult who suffers from abuse and hopelessness/helplessness.


5) What do you see as the future of public housing in the East End?

The future of public housing should evolve into a mix use neighborhood within the next five to ten years. However, the deconcentration of poor people should provide that Richmond does not take public housing tenants apartments from them without replacing those houses elsewhere.


6) The Mayor’s City of the Future plan proposes, among other things, sweeping changes for the local schools. How do you feel about this? About the plan in general?

The Mayor’s City of the future plan concerning schools is the first vision that Richmond has had concerning schools that I can remember. The plan will build and renovate schools that will save the taxpayers money and provide clean safe learning environments for our children.   


7) What is something that you have to drive out to the county for that you wish that you could get or do in the city?

I wish that Richmond could build at least three large department stores centrally located for all citizens.


8) Do you read CHPN? 🙂

I read Church Hill People’s News every week.


9) We should vote for you because:

The citizens should vote for me because of my experience, educational background, and the ability to deliver service to the entire community.         



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