Notes from Lt.King’s presentation at the FOJP meeting

08/29/2006 3:33 PM by

Lt.King of Sector 111 gave a prsentation at the Friends of Jefferson Park meeting last night about the recent rash of B&E incidents.

  • The incidents are mostly occuring in the part of Sector 111 that is Church Hill (ie not Fulton/South Side). There do not seem to be related incidents in Sector 113 (ie across Carrington/Nine Mile).
  • The incidents may be being perpetrated by more than 1 individual. There have been multiple descriptions given. The day-time perp may be dressed in painter or contractor clothing.
  • Durring the week, incidents are occuring durring the day; durring the weekend, at night.
  • Entry to the houses is being made by prying open, not breaking, a window. You can get locks that make it harder to open a window like this, some of the newer windows have this built-in.
  • There are more police out and about, on bikes and unmarked cars (that are not typical unmarked po-po cars).
  • There are serious about stopping this, but feel that it will take a break to do so. Someone will need to see something happen and report in enough time to make the arrest.
  • Many of the houses targetted have had privacy fences and/or tall vegetation in the back, giving the bad guy privacy to do his thing.
  • The bad guy has run every time that he has been confronted and has not shown a weapon.
  • On a semi-related note, copper thefts that were happening earlier this summer have been stopped with the arrest of three suspects.



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