Church Hill Market seeking Special Use Permit

07/20/2006 6:26 PM by

Church Hill Market is going before City Council this coming Monday to get approval for a Special Use Permit. I hope that all goes well for them — is there anyone that thinks this is a bad thing?

From a press release issued by Dana Smook of Church Hill Market:

Church Hill Market goes before City Council on Monday, July 24th at 6 p.m. at
City Hall, 900 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Church Hill Market, after eighteen months of planning, goes before City Council on July 24th to obtain approval for the Special Use Permit for their gourmet market at 2824 East Broad Street.

This historic property at the corner of 29th and East Broad Street looks to
undergo major renovation, including a change of use on the abandoned second
floor converting it from residential to commercial use. This property has been
a market since 1897 or earlier, with its first known tax records being from
1924. The restoration and renovation will be done under the current guidelines
of the Commission of Architectural Review, which oversees all projects in
designated historic districts throughout Virginia. Most of the original historic
fabric of the market building will be kept or restored during the process.

The construction estimations are at approximately $1.5 million under the
direction of Mason Wyatt, formerly of Grace Place Restaurant, The Organic Food
Company, The Flood Zone, and Flood Zone Studios. Wyatt, as President of Church
Hill Market, renews his interest in the organic foods industry and invests
dollars into restoration of the historic area of Church Hill. Wyatt will also
utilize his restoration business, Century Beech Construction, as the general
contractor in this undertaking. Church Hill Market anticipates being a
multimillion dollar business in the ever-growing organic and gourmet food
industry. Target opening late winter 2006-2007.



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