official Sector 111 and neighborhood YTD crime stats

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Here are the year-to-date crime stats Sector 111 and the individual neighborhoods, directly from Lieutenant Snawder.

The text is from an email sent to the Union Hill Civic Association. Downloads for Sector 111 and the individual neighborhoods follow.

Attached you will find YTD statistics for Union Hill. Please forward this information to the rest of the neighbors. We designated Church Hill as our Target Area for the month of March. We ended up with an 80% reduction in Violent Crimes and a 25% INCREASE in Property Crimes. We have decided to stay in Church Hill for the month of April however we are going to include Union Hill, since you were also hit with Property Crimes.

Only 2 of the 6 Property Crimes you experienced last month were easily avoidable. The rest of this e-mail was sent to my Church Hill residents. I have included it for you to view because it applies to Union Hill as well. Even though it wasn’t as bad last month, this is typical of what I review on a daily basis from the entire Sector. When you get to the part about the “Sting” we set up with the truck, keep in mind that we did it in your neighborhood as well and had even more people look at it.

My officers are good but they can’t work miracles. We need your help in preventing the thefts that are avoidable. This month we had 12 Property Crimes in Church Hill which included Thefts from Autos and Thefts from Buildings. Of the 12, only 4 were crimes that could not have been prevented. Please talk to the neighbors and remind them of the importance of the little things. This is everyone’s problem and we all need to get involved! Thieves frequent areas that are easy targets. While these crimes appear to be minor, they attract criminal behavior that can easily escalate to more serious crimes.

If you see something that that does not look right, please take action. We set up a sting where we placed several high dollar tools in the back of a pick-up truck on the tailgate. We watched and waited to see if anyone would take them. We did not catch anyone however numerous neighbors walked right by it and did not take action. Could they have tried to locate the owner to tell him or her they needed to secure their tools? I think you will see a big change in the neighborhood if people pay attention to what is going on.

Here are some of the narratives from the Property Crime Reports for the month of March. I have included them so you can see how easy we are making it for the thieves to target our area:

  • The victim’s bicycles were stolen from the back yard.
  • The doors are always closed and latched shut but they are not locked.
  • Victim left tools in the property because it is under renovation. When the worker arrived today they noticed the tools were gone. Entry was gained through an upstairs window that had been removed by the workers. Scaffolding was on the side of the house that would allow someone to get on the front porch roof where the window is.
  • Victim left purse in her unlocked classroom.
  • Tools left in bed of truck
  • The victim believes that the suspect gained entry into her vehicle through the open sunroof.
  • They often leave the door unlocked and he believes someone opened the door and took it.
  • The victim stated an unknown suspect stole his money from his vehicle. The victim is unsure if the doors to the vehicle were locked. There was no broken glass at the scene.

There are some very positive things happening in our neighborhood. I can not walk out of the Precinct without hearing the sound of hammers and drills. Having said that, there are a few people trying to take advantage of this transition and we need to be looking for them. As always, please report anything that you think is suspicious. I would much rather my officers respond and find out there was nothing to it than not respond at all and wish they did. P

Please pay special attention to the guys you see looking through dumpsters for scrap metal. We compiled over 200 Filed Interview Reports last month. This is where we are able to stop a person who looks suspicious, and we then enter their information into a database if they are not wanted. Keep in mind that we can not just stop a person because we feel like it. We must have reasonable suspicion that they have or are about to commit a crime. The guys looking through the dumpster for scrap metal to sell have not broken the law as long as it is not on private property that is marked with ‘No Trespassing’ signs. I can tell you though that when we are able to stop those same people for legitimate reasons (no matter how small the reason may be) they usually are in our system as having been arrested in the past for larceny, breaking & entering, etc. These people do not live in our neighborhood! They are here because of all the renovations that are underway. Don’t attract even more by leaving things in your car, not wanting to get involved when the construction worker leaves his or her sight open with tools in it, etc.

Finally, please make sure you leave your front and back light on at night!

Year-to-date crime statistics (.pdf)

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