Respond to 7th district townhall meeting

01/25/2006 9:05 PM by

A lil’bird went to the 7th district town hall meeting and dropped some notes on us. Give your feedback or questions below.

  • The place was packed.
  • McQuinn was not present, Ellen Robertson acted in her place. ER came across as very personable.
  • Capt. John Keohane and Lt. Hamlet Hood spoke. Motorcycle cops for the area are in training now. The police are working an organized attack on the drug markets. There is an undercover program in place that is apparently quite effective.
  • Tractor trailers are not supposed to be parked on city streets?
  • Gang activity in Fulton is a priority right now.
  • To report drug activity, try to observe and report as much detail as possible. Try to observe how the deal is happening — behind a fence, in a potato chip bag, etc. Call 911 or the nonemergency #.
  • To encourage police officers to live in the city, those in the city will get take-home cars.
  • Loitering is not a crime, but blocking passage, using drugs, drinking openly can be reported. This report gives the police opportunity to approach individuals that might otherwise be unapproachable. Call it in!
  • The fire department was there and had much to say. 2005 had no fire deaths, the 1st time in 15 years. The fire dept. does not like 4-way stops or speedbumps.
  • One of the speakers almost said ‘projects’, corrected self to ‘RRHA properties’
  • Sen.Henry Marsh was present and did not speak.
  • Much library information was available. More of that will come later. We love the library.



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