A guide to the 2016 Richmond VA Mayoral Candidates

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McClellan, McQuinn, Dance in 2015

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Most of you get to vote in a contested election next week


Meetings announced for community conversation on Lumpkin’s Jail memorial

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Hundreds turn out for anti-violence rally in Mosby


Community dialogue begins conversation on gentrification in Church Hill


Community dialogue on changes in Church Hill next Tuesday

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Dance wins Democratic primary in bid to replace Marsh

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EDI will be one of two city polling locations for Democratic caucus


Marsh resigns Senate seat, McQuinn possible successor (UPDATED)

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Mayor Jones releases plan for Shockoe redevelopment

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Sample ballot for upcoming election


7th District meeting announced for Wednesday


There is demand for a better grocery store in downtown Richmond


Jones again dangles the idea of a grocery store on 25th Street

7th District Flyer-April 2012

7th District Meeting on Wednesday

heritage event church hill

9th Annual Heritage Celebration: Celebrating African American Women Achievers today at Franklin


From last night’s 7th District Meeting

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An early look at the 2012 local elections

Dean and Jafari

State Senate, House of Delegates and Circuit Court Clerk up for vote November 8


2 of the 50 most powerful

house 71

McClellan picks up Fairmount, Peter Paul, Woodville, Creighton, and Fairfield in redistricting

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McClellan set to pick up Fairmount, Brauers, Woodville

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A celebration of emancipation at MLK


Who runs Richmond?


McQuinn sets town hall meetings for June