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Richmond Snow Plowing Status Map shows which streets have been plowed


You’re a Republican now*



CURA MetroView

New map site lets you dig into land use, age of buildings, employment, population and more

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Where do shootings happen?

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East End population rising for first time since at least 1990

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Proposed redistricting would switch Richmond to Forbes from Scott


Church Hill, Union Hill, Fairmount named among “Most Walkable” neighborhoods

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Vacant buildings in Richmond: Where are they and who owns them? (October 2015)

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Tour de Fall Line coming through Libby Hill and Fulton on Saturday


A history of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District

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GRTC shares day-by-day detours for upcoming bike races

Proposed Gillie's Creek Greenway

A proposal for the Gillie’s Creek Greenway

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The M Street Cemetery?

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Planning to consider plat for new Church Hill North subdivision

civic associations in richmond

Civic groups in the East End (UPDATE)


Virginia Capital Trail completion scheduled for October

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You are invited to a special New Visions Civic League meeting this Saturday

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Broad Street Old and Historic District, Richmond, Virginia


Dance, Preston vying for Democratic nomination


Bike-share system would include stations on Jefferson Avenue, East Main Street

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Richmond Bicycle Master Plan details future bike lanes in the area

North 29th street bike-walk street

Proposed North 29th Bike-Walk Street would provide safe north/south corridor


Babies born within 5 miles of downtown RVA face 20-year difference in life expectancy