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Virginia Capital Trail completion scheduled for October

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You are invited to a special New Visions Civic League meeting this Saturday

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Broad Street Old and Historic District, Richmond, Virginia


Dance, Preston vying for Democratic nomination


Bike-share system would include stations on Jefferson Avenue, East Main Street

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Richmond Bicycle Master Plan details future bike lanes in the area

North 29th street bike-walk street

Proposed North 29th Bike-Walk Street would provide safe north/south corridor


Babies born within 5 miles of downtown RVA face 20-year difference in life expectancy


The highest spot in Church Hill

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Church Hill scores high on AARP’s Livability Index

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The Manchester Industrial Historic District

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UCI Road World Championships maps and schedule released

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New map lets you explore historic Richmond


Imagine the Gillie’s Creek Greenway

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Unemployment in Richmond by Census Tract (2013)

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Percentage of households with no car


Crime down in 2014, but up in some areas

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When Benedict Arnold came to town

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The Battle of Bloody Run

Crime down from last year so far, but up in some areas


Richmond (1900 vs 1915)

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School Board set to finish rezoning process

precincts header

Local voting (2014 vs 2013 vs 2012)

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Nextdoor is a social network for your neighborhood (maybe)

Running and mountain bike trails in the East End

Bicycle and running trails in the East End (UPDATED)