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Election 2012

Good place for an election watch party?

There will be 2 constitutional amendments on the ballot Tuesday

Sample ballot for 7th District

At the center of the next election…

Tatnall suspends campaign for mayor

New voting precincts for the 7th District

Rick Tatnall to challenge Mayor Jones

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An early look at the 2012 local elections

Coleman seeking re-election for School Board, Smith probably not

No drama in election results

Vote Jafari, Brown on November 8

Dean and Jafari

State Senate, House of Delegates and Circuit Court Clerk up for vote November 8

Powell to challenge Cantor

Brown to challenge Marsh for Senate in 2011

Sample ballot

Over/under on Bobby Scott?

Scott leads Smith in money race

Coleman does not endorse Smith for Congress

Scott faces 3rd challenger in Green Party’s Kelly

Scott to face Libertarian, Republican challengers

Libertarian candidate announces bid for Scott’s seat

Newbille to be sworn in on Monday

Newbille, McQuinn, and McClellan get the nod

McQuinn celebrates tonight at Que Pasa