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2607 Nine Mile Road

Richmond’s smallest house facing demolition

Mary Wingfield Scott

Working to make Mary Wingfield Scott’s books available digitally

2100 block of Broad Street-3

New construction on Broad Street

Screen Shot 2012-03-03 at 9.42.28 AM

ArchitectureRichmond (Slipek, Accordino, O’Keefe)


I hope you all enjoy the drawing


1320 and 1322 North 31st Street


The smallest house in Richmond?


Bellevue 1912


Agenda for the 5/25 CAR meeting


Agenda for the 4/27 CAR meeting


Who casts capitals in Richmond?


Nolde wins landscaping award


The 10 most blighted houses in Church Hill




Agenda for the 3/23 CAR meeting


Yarbrough house and 5 other houses open for Historic Garden Week


CAR Task Force meeting set for Thursday


Agenda for the 1/26 CAR meeting


Urban exploration on 25th Street


CAR Taskforce sets meeting dates through April


Agenda for the 12/15 CAR meeting


How to guide new development in historic areas?


Agenda for the 11/24 CAR meeting


Contrast vs continuity for new development in historic communities


Agenda for the 10/27 CAR meeting

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