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Donuts this Sunday at WPA Bakery


From Richmag Food:

I don’t want to cause a stampede, but WPA Bakery is going to have doughnut burgers this Sunday. What are those, you ask? First of all, forget about Paula Deen and her craziness. These are two small doughnuts with chocolate cream in the middle. Check out a picture of them on the bakery’s Facebook page. David Rohrer will also be making regular, vegan and gluten-free doughnuts BUT only on Sundays. The “burgers” aren’t going to be part of the regular lineup unless David’s in a good mood (I’m speculating). So be nice to that man when you stomp in for your GF doughnuts and do not yell at him if he runs out — which he will, because I plan to buy them all.


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