New voting precincts for the 7th District


With the redrawing of the city’s nine districts after the 2010 census comes a redrawing of the voting precincts.

I haven’t found a formal explanation anywhere, but the East End now has 7 precincts where as before there were 6. There are two notable changes: Precinct 708 has been carved out of Precinct 707, and Precinct 702 has absorbed southern Fairmount and a sliver of Union Hill. There is still no Precinct 704.

Here is the new precinct list and voting locations:

Precinct 708 (2012)

Precinct 702 (2012)

Here is the new-for-2012 precinct map for the 7th District:

For comparison, here is the prior map:

Want more maps? Here are all of the current voting Precincts for the city of Richmond.


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