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Sector 113 report for April


Lt.Armstead’s Sector 113 report for April (PDF) is now available for all points north of Carrington and Nine Mile.

Includes this nugget:

I would like to also inform the Sector 113 community that there is no more Fairhills Apartments, I’m proud to announce that it is now Oliver Hills Crossings. This community has gone through a very expensive renovation stage that has greatly improved the appearance of the property and increased the quality of life for the residents of Oliver Hill Crossings.

Additionally, the Oliver Hill Crossings community dedicated the first Law Enforcement Center in a housing community to be used by RPD, RRHA, and Interceptor Security as a place to share information, provide safety in the community, to build a stronger bond between law enforcement and the community, and to assist in reducing crime in the area of Coalter and Little Page streets.


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