Inner-City Blues coming to Leigh Street


A new “restaurant/lounge/bar nightclub with live music”, Inner-City Blues, is slated to open at 2306 East Leigh Street (next to Tricycle Gardens) early in 2008.


According to an email that is circulating:

  • The zoning officer assigned to this property is Michelle Peters, 646-6354.
  • At this time, the property has a pending application to “Reinstate Previous Use”. The previous use was a night club with a liquor license (which was revoked by the ABC board due to repeated violations.)
  • Neighbors have observed property improvement going on inside the building, but there is no building permit open on the property.
  • The property is zoned B2 which would allow a night club/restaurant/lounge, however they need 30 parking spaces according to Cheryl Taylor at Zoning & Permits.


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