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Are you surprised?

Mike Platania from Richmond BizSense reports:

DHR’s conclusion likely will help remove the last major obstacle that had caused the Richmond City Council to repeatedly delay a vote on demolishing the building to make way for Stone’s World Bistro & Gardens.

There had been some debate recently over whether the century-old building has historic value and should be preserved, despite the city and Stone previously finding it was structurally unfit to be redeveloped as originally planned in an agreement with the Richmond Economic Development Authority.

A user from Reddit sums up the pros and cons of preservation versus reality:

I’m all for preservation and I do think this building had an opportunity to be something special. But you can’t argue with structural deficiencies, and I cannot imagine the cost/skill needed to fix that. While I’m a little sad to see it go, I can only hope that the future building honors the site and references the past. I also think it’s really cool to drive under the building so I hope that can be part of the new structure.

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Petty Crime Continues

There has been an increase in petty and not so petty crime in the Church Hill area. It seems like thieves are getting bolder and moving from checking car doors or theft from porches/backyards to actually entering some homes. Starting with a video sent by a potential package thief:

Our neighbor writes:

I guess on second thought it wasn’t worth coming onto someone else’s property to steal their vitamins? People are bold…..

Here are some other stories neighbors recently shared:

Just wanted to make sure everyone is extra careful this summer. I live in North Church Hill. My home was broken into early Monday morning while I was at work. They kicked through the back door – only took a laptop, liquor, and Jell-O snacks out of my fridge (sounds like kids), but they did let my dog loose who I recovered from animal control yesterday morning. Thanks to whatever good person looked out for him. My neighbors also had their car broken into just a few weeks ago. A little disappointed to find this happening in a neighborhood I’ve lived in almost 10 years, but just want to make sure everyone is vigilant in looking out for themselves and their neighbors.

Another neighbor on NextDoor shared:

My wife and I did a handful of late day running around for home projects. I thought I locked mine last night, but cannot confirm that I did and lo and behold, when I left for work this morning, I found my glove box scattered throughout my car and the simple store cards used to track spending places (Kroger, Lowe’s, Gas Station and Movie theater among other things) were all gone. They again got nothing of real value, but make you feel uneasy about leaving ANYTHING in your car whatsoever.

Simply trying to save anyone else from becoming a victim.

~Your neighbor near Cedar Street and Jessamine Street.

Jessica writes:

My front door faces the backyard, so you have to go through a narrow alley between two houses to get to it. Sometime between 11pm last night and 6pm today, someone stole several items/bags I’d set out by the door. Now I’m not too fussed about the items–with the exception of my cat carrier, which I usually leave by the door, the other items were bags of donation items. I am more so bothered that someone came all the way down my walkway, into my backyard, and came up to my front door, all of which is lit with both regular lights and security lights that automatically come on. Obviously one shouldn’t keep anything they want to stay safe outside of their home. But given how close they were to my door and what not, it’s unsettling. I wanted to give the neighborhood a heads up, just in case.

Neighbors, please report these incidents to the police non-emergency line. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately! The Richmond Police Non-Emergency Number is (804)646-5100. We also HIGHLY encourage you to attend your local community meetings! Representatives from the police, city government, etc. attend these meetings and it’s an excellent way to get updates and make sure everyone is aware of community concerns.

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Richmond 300

This Thursday August 6th, The City of Richmond will have an informal presentation on the Master Plan for Richmond 300. They will concentrate on a parking study. Monday, August 6, 2018 1:30 PM 5th Floor Conference Room
City Hall Richmond VA, 23219

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National Night Out is next week!

Please find this flyer made by Juliette Dixon – National Night out

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