Quirky Church Hill as seen at St. John’s Church – Update: Eduardo is gone…

03/11/2018 8:11 PM by

Armadillos in the news tend to either harass or have bullets ricochet off their hard shelves. Armadillos are our friends though- living off of mostly insects and larvae. They have tiny teeth so they won’t bite you.

Our neighbor Martha shared this with us a bit ago and we have to admit that some of us here (aka…me) had a bit of a chat to see if this was a real one, but alas, he’s full of stuffing! This fella sits at St. John’s Church. Who put him there and Why?

— ∮∮∮ —

EDIT: Eduardo is NOT real folks. He’s just a fun stuffed armadillo that someone placed at St. John’s Church.
EDIT 2: We hope that whomever took Eduardo just moved him out of the goodness of their heart to a safe place- otherwise, this is pretty lame.



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