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Support 1st Precinct’s Community Police!

12/25/2017 9:00 AM by

We received a message from Ann with a request to remind us all about this community event…

It’s almost time for the fourth annual “Thanks, RPD”

Once again on New Year’s Eve we will carry tasty treats to the officers at 1st precinct as a token of our appreciation and in recognition of what they do for us. For the past few years some residents of Union Hill have spearheaded a “thank you” to the officers at 1st precinct who put their lives on the line for us; and we invite anyone served by 1st precinct officers to join us.

We make two deliveries on New Year’s Eve that are timed to provide all personnel, regardless of shift, with not just such things as cookies and chips and drinks, but with hot pizza.

The first delivery on New Year’s Eve will be made at 4 p.m. to provide treats for the day shift going off duty and the evening shift coming on duty. The second delivery will be made at 11 p.m. to top up treats for the evening shift going off duty and the first shift of the new year coming on duty….including fresh pizza (we figure pizza delivered at 4 p.m. is either all gone or cold by shift change).

Neighbors, grown up or not, join us at 2501 Q Street on December 31 at 4 p.m. at the front door of the precinct – with or without a treat – just to meet and say thanks to some of the people who work to protect us.

If you’re not up for baking cookies or don’t have time to shop for soda, we’ll purchase and deliver things for you. You can make a financial donation no later than December 29 to:

Nancy Lampert —
Ann Wortham —

(Your donations may also be used for the purchase of things like napkins, cups, ice, and plates.)



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