Murder 2015 (East End)

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There were 13 people murdered in the East End in 2015 (with 39 people killed last year in Richmond). This a huge jump from the 4 murders in the East End in 2014, but last year was definitely an anomaly. Both of these numbers are about average since the big drop in killings after 2007/2008.

At this time, only 4 of the killings are considered closed by the Richmond Police.

Ten of the 13 killings in the East End occurred in or adjacent to the large public housing communities that ring the northern edge of the area: 1 in Creighton, 1 in Fairfield, 2 in Whitcomb, and 6 in Mosby.

At least 12 of the 13 killings were shootings.

Eleven of the 13 victims were men. All were African-American. The average age of the male victims was 29, a group which includes 2 18-year-olds.

Both women were 26, and leave behind small children.

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  1. Drive-by shooting on Phaup Street (1/28/2015)
  2. Man killed on Coalter Street (3/17/2015)
  3. Man killed on Redd Street (5/7/2015)
  4. Body found off of Jennie Scher (6/12/2015)
  5. Man killed in Whitcomb (6/23/2015)
  6. Man killed in Mosby (7/24/2015)
  7. & 8. Double homicide on 35th Street (8/24/2015)
  8. & 10. Two killed in Mosby drive-by shooting (9/9/2015)
  9. Man shot on Redd Street (10/4/2015)
  10. Four shot in Mosby and Whitcomb, one man dead (12/20/2015)
  11. 18-year-old shot to death in Creighton (12/25/2015)

1Does not include a March shooting ruled to be self-defense.

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