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The 2016-2017 city budget and the East End

April 12, 2015 6:15 am by

Church Hill RVA breaks down how the Mayor’s proposed 2016-2017 budget shakes out for the East End:

Here are a few of the projects and groups receiving money from the City over the next two calendar years:

  • RRHA East End Transformation — $200,000 FY16 and $200,000 FY17
  • Stone Brewery Development Grant — $300,000 FY17
  • Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People — $108,840 FY16 and $108,840 FY17
  • East End Teen Center — $24,750 FY16 and $24,750 FY17
  • Peter Paul Development Center — $60,000 FY16 and $60,000 FY17
  • Robinson Theatre Community Arts Center — $10,000 FY16 and $10,000 FY17
  • Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton — $33,000 FY16 and $33,000 FY17

Of course these are just some of the East End-related projects that will be funded. The city will also earmark money for public housing redevelopment, riverfront redevelopment, and schools–all of which directly impact the East End.


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