Complaints about litter after the Church Hill Reunion

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The Church Hill Reunion was yesterday and looks to have been a another successful gathering . Hundreds of folks turned out for what would be the 30th or 31st annual gathering, I’m not sure of the count (and one year got skipped…).

A reader wrote in this morning, though, with an issue shared by a few others:

I’m hesitant to be critical of an institution that easily predates my arrival in the neighborhood but there is this: like every year, I have a complaint about the litter left behind after the reunion.

Another reader says something similar:

As I went for a walk this morning with my dog (once at 7a and once at 10a) I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of trash all over the area. I contacted Richmond Police and asked if they were aware of the event and if she could tell me if the organizers were responsible for cleanup or if the residents would be responsible. While she stated they were not aware of the event, she did take down some notes to contact the correct city department to see about cleanup.

I’m glad the event went well and was well received. That said, the park is trashed and the trash is starting to blow around onto the adjacent streets.

A few folks wrote in the morning, but I held off posting as in previous years there have been clean-up crews out the next day.

It’s after dark on Sunday, though, and the field and school grounds are still covered in a layer of trash. There is an even spread of cups, bags, bottles, food containers, and paper across the baseball field, and into the playground.

I spoke earlier to a man walking the field, he said that “the city” was in charge of the clean-up and that they were supposed to have had people out this morning. I an unclear who to contact to verify this.

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