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The anti-Buzzy’s commercial (UPDATE)

10/25/2013 11:59 AM by

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I was given access to a email, apparently from the organizer, detailing the ad buy for the commercial. The email was sent out by a 27th Street neighbor to a 29-person email list, of which I recognize many of the names. I wrote to the woman (“SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED”) and the list, saying “I’d love to talk to you about the Buzzy’s advert,” gave my phone # and offered to meet in person.

The organizer’s response was this:

My attorney has asked that I do not talk with anyone about this issue and has requested that you do not post my name on CHPN. Should my name appear on CHPN, on the advice of my attorney, I will have to pursue further action to protect myself.

I’m small-time enough that I can’t really push back on this, but wanted to share this out.

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The video was removed from Youtube, but not before Ned Oliver at Style Weekly downloaded a copy.



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