Missing a Doberman or terrier in Fulton?

09/27/2013 2:00 PM by

There are 2 dogs roaming around Fulton Hill, Richmond, VA that seem like someone’s lost pets. One is medium maybe 40-45lb black neutered male doberman mix with brindle feet and a cropped tail but long ears, very friendly and sat when I asked him to…

the other is more shy, skiddish, I couldn’t approach it at all. It was a black and tan mix of some kind, slightly longer fur, looked terrier-chowish? medium/small maybe 35lb, seemed like it might be sick because it kept laying down.

People in the area claim to have seen the more smaller more skiddish dog around for a long time and they think that it is a stray but they just started seeing the doberman mix recently. The two seem to know each other, they play and follow each other everywhere. I tried

to catch them but couldn’t. They are sticking to one block because people are putting food out for them. I will try to get a picture if I see them again but I thought that this info should be shared in case someone recognizes the descriptions.



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