Neighbors seeking answers for fallen tree

09/09/2013 6:15 AM by

Monica writes in:

Just wanted neighborhood to know that there is a huge tree branch falling behind 2910 East Broad Street. Went down on August 27, 2013 and is still slowly falling. Very dangerous!!! It will come down and when it does, masts and wires are coming down, too.

Dominion Power, Verizon, Comcast all said “not our problem”. The city came out and said “verizon needs to move the wires, then we can cut the branch down”. Verizon says they can’t do anything until the City of Richmond moves the branch. So, no fire truck or ambulance can go through… garbage pickup will probably try and will hit it, then the workers may have a branch fall on their head.

Teenagers are swinging on one of the lower branches, so it might fall on them. One mast has already been pulled over by at least a foot and no one cares. Please caution the public that there is a hazard in the alley. I really wish someone, somewhere cared enough before someone gets hurt.

It appears that a large branch has cracked, and is indeed leaning on a series of wires. There is maybe 10 feet of clearance between the branch and the pass-through of the alley.

Broken limb resting on wires

Broken limb resting on wires

Piece of a branch rubbed by wire

Piece of a branch rubbed by wire



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