Sector 111 update for September

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Lt.Minton’s Sector 111 September report (PDF) is now available. Sector 111 encompasses Church Hill, Chimborazo, Church Hill North, Fulton, Oakwood, and Union Hill:

August ended up being a challenging month in Sector 111. We had 11 violent crimes compared to 7 last year. There were 7 robberies which was an increase of 4 compared to last year. 2 of these have been cleared by arrest and a warrant has been obtained for another (see page 3). Of the other 4, we have strong suspect information on 3 of them and expect an arrest in the near future.

The other violent crime increase came from Aggravated Assaults. We had 4 Aggravated Assaults this month. 2 of these have been cleared by arrest to include the shooting that occurred at 27th and Q Streets. Officers were able to arrest the suspects within minutes of the shooting taking place and recover a firearm. Year to date sector 111 has experienced one more violent crime compared to last year to put things in perspective.

Property crime was also up compared to last year. We had 65 property crimes in August compared to 61 in 2012. Burglaries were up from 10 to 14. Greater Fulton and Chimborazo were the hardest hit neighborhoods. 9 of the 14 occurred in these two neighborhoods. Out of the 14 burglaries 4 of these occurred to sheds. We are still combating issues with homes being broken into that are either vacant or being renovated. We need the publics help in identifying these criminals. They may appear to be doing work on a house when in fact they are stealing ac units and/or copper from the home. If something doesn’t look right, feel free to call us. We still have a place to house people that commit this crime.

Theft from Motor Vehicles noticed a small increase. Please remember to keep valuables in your home instead of in your vehicle. It only takes seconds to break a car window and take your valuables. We did enjoy a decrease in the Auto Thefts category (which includes Motor Vehicle Theft, Unauthorized Use, and Moped Thefts) in general in sector 111. If you remember last month we had some of the city’s highest moped theft numbers. I will take that small victory this month.

Lastly, I have started an email group for Greater Fulton to keep people there abreast of crime in their neighborhood as close to real time as I can. If you are interested in doing this in your neighborhood let me know and I will set that up for you as well. As always thank you for the hard work you, the citizens, contribute to helping us make sector 111 a safer place to live and work!

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