Richmond Hill presents Richmond’s Unhealed History

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Richmond Hill presents Richmond’s Unhealed History 1607-2009, nine lectures by the Rev. Ben Campbell on the history of Richmond, on Tuesday nights from September 22 to November 17 at 7:30PM. Requested donation for the series is $90.

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Those attending are encouraged to join the Richmond Hill Community for prayers at 6PM. and supper at 6:30PM (additional $45 will reserve a place at supper). Register with Karen Moore, Guest master at Richmond Hill,, or call (804)783-7903.

The lectures:

Introduction:The Cross at the Falls. May 24, 1607

The Reasons for Jamestown. 1300-1607. Early European exploration of North America, The Doctrine of Discovery, Religious reasons for Jamestown, The Journey begins.

The Conquest of Tsenacomoco. 1607-1644. Beginning the invasion, A
settlement at the Falls, Death and resurrection in Jamestown, the English-Powhatan
War, The establishment of Henrico, The university at Henrico.

The Mystery ofPocahontas. 1597-1617. The myth of the Rescue, The daughter of Powhatan, The capture of Pocahontas, The voyage to England, The legacy of Pocahontas.

An economy of Servants and Slaves. 1613-1780 The tobaccoboom and bond servitude, Class warfare and Bacon’s Rebellion, The invention of the white race, The Virginia slave system.

Slavery in Richmond. 1780-1860. Slavery in Virginia, Religious revival and slavery, Slavery and revolution, City of slaves, The downriver slavetrade, HenryBox Brown, The fruits of denial.

The Invention of Racial Segregation.1865-1954. The trauma of white Virginia, Race and Reconstruction, Managing segregation.

Massive Resistance and Strategies for Resegregation. 1955-1972. Urban renewal, Massive Resistance, State policies for jurisdictional segregation, The legacy of 1970.

Disintegration and Disinvestment. 1970-2009. Suburban policy, The black majority, Disinvestment, Priority of education, Metrocity demographic data, The
burden of debt, Private transportation, Churches, Disintegration.



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